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Seguchi Tohma's Journal
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in Seguchi Tohma's LiveJournal:

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Tuesday, April 8th, 2003
8:51 pm
Eiri-san says I am his true spiritual brother!!

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Monday, April 7th, 2003
10:19 pm
Okay, I admit it. I only ask for candies I know the child cannot eat because I want to eat them.

Mika-san, stop holding Anti-Tohma meetings in your journal. I am on to you. I will get to the bottom of this.

At least Eiri-san doesn't think I am a cut throat.

Ne, Eiri-san? <3<3<3

Current Mood: aggravated

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Tuesday, April 1st, 2003
7:26 pm
Stop leaving grumpy little comments in my journal, Mika-san! We have to have better communication than this. I do not stick my fingers in cookie dough. I am not a child!

On an unrelated note: Did you pick up those lollipops for Momi-chan, by any chance? Where are they, because I can not find them and I'm a little hungry for something sticky.

Current Mood: cranky

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12:47 am
It appears Nittle Grasper is once again pregnant.

Oh and of course, Happy Birthday, my dearest Ryu-chan!
What a delightful week.

PS: Eiri-san, you are so cool <3

Current Mood: cheerful

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Sunday, March 30th, 2003
9:31 pm
Mmmm! Chocolate chip cookies! :9 So yummy.

I'm afraid I'm worried about Eiri-san and Ryu-chan. Eiri-san says he hates his life, although he always says this. Eiri-san is very silly that way, sometimes. I should invite him to stay at my house for a while and get away from the headache inducing Shindo-san. Just a small in-country vacation. No, of course I do not think they should be broken up. That would make Eiri-san very sad, even though if you asked him he would say otherwise. ^^;

Speaking of broken up, I'm afraid Ryu-chan is very broken right now, in more ways than one. Although he comes to work, he might as well stay home. He is entirely emotionless and any singing he does sounds terrible. I asked him about Tatsuha-san, who I know was apparently quite rude a few days ago, and was told to get out. Ryu-chan just avoided the question.

I would get involved, but I'm not much for these relationship dramas. I know they are both being idiots, especially Tatsuha-san, who is an idiot anyway. Ryu-chan might pretend to not care, but he is very much longing for Tatsuha-san. They will probably meet up tomorrow and realize this was meant to be.

But honestly, I do not care. Odd, it was almost as though some fangirl was typing that paragraph instead of myself. I just want Ryu-chan to be happy enough to enjoy my birthday surprise for him.

I suppose that can't happen without Tatsuha-san, though.

Oh, more cookies! I love it when Mika goes on these baking sprees. Perhaps both of her brothers should suffer gut wrenching depressions more often.

Oatmeal!! <3

Current Mood: calm

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Monday, March 10th, 2003
2:28 am
Hah. Hah.

In New York now. I can see all my friends are worried about me. Understandable. Of course, Eiri-san isn't. *sigh*

I have scared my problem into hiding. Hopping a plane to Japan tonight; I'm waiting for it now. Can't wait to see my friends, wife, son, and kitten!

I see that many pregnancies have occured in my fellow bandmates while I was away. Of course, this is the reason Lady Fuzzette de Seguchi is an INDOOR cat, my dearest Ryu-chan. Speaking of Ryu-chan, I hope Tatsuha-san was punished for his insolent post about myself. Thank you!

It has been lovely to write this. After too many months of being too busy to write about my life, some time spent away from it has shown me I took it for granted.

Here is a photo I have taken with a digital camera. It expresses my feelings towards a person I dislike right now. n_n

Kittens! Plane has arrived. I'm back in the office tomorrow afternoon. Please, come to work, or else I might have to take drastic measures. I don't care if you're preoccupied with children or sick with worry over how I am missing or depressed over being a member of Bad Luck. Thank you!

Current Mood: accomplished

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Saturday, March 8th, 2003
1:18 am
Will somebody please come take me back to Japan? You might need a cage and padlock. Just come pick me up and put me in and take me back. Don't let me out of the cage, though.

Thank you.

Current Mood: depressed

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Friday, February 7th, 2003
3:42 pm
I do not WANT to go to America!

Somebody please stop me from going to America.


Then shoot me.

Current Mood: anxious

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Tuesday, January 21st, 2003
8:25 pm
Just woke up and its an entire week since I fell asleep. What the hell is going on? Everyone is angry with me. Have I been sleepwalking...?

Now I feel like I'm going to sleep again. This isn't right. I'm confused....

just stay away from me...

Current Mood: shocked

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Monday, January 13th, 2003
3:59 pm
Eiri-kun moved. Ryuichi-san was put into jail for a night. I'm sitting here sipping a cup of tea as I type in my forlorn little diary.

I used to interfere endlessly in both of their lives. Now I hardly know what to do, and therefore I hardly lift a finger. I tried to talk the people in the courtroom out of what they did to Ryuichi. I can't even begin to comprehend what happened to Eiri-kun.

I'm going to go over and speak with him about all this. Then I'm going to his old place to figure some things out.

Current Mood: blah

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Wednesday, December 25th, 2002
10:32 am
Happy Holidays! n_n
Well, let us see now. Christmas gifts:

Mika: The diamond from that movie with the sinking boat she has always wanted. I honestly do not forget the name of it, only that I never saw it because the idea of it is that the rich are evil and only want more and more and for things to go faster. I also bought her [us] one of the very small islands littering Japan's coastlines. I said it was *small*.
Momiji: Just a couple dozen shares of very nice blue chip stock. It's never too early to begin. And so he does not feel jipped as a small boy might by this sort of thing, I also bought him an entertainment system for his room. He will TRUELY appreciate that in a few years, and I will truely appreciate being able to watch the news instead of Rolie Polie Olie.
Lady Fuzzette: A new triple decker velvet cat bed, some personalized toys and a new golden tag and gold-dusted collar - her old one was a bit worn. She will hopefully enjoy the very pricey - no expense spared - day at the kitty spa. Hopefully she'll come back beautiful and smelling of roses, not mud, which her and my son enjoy rolling in. *sigh*

The rest of you deserve nothing from me except the vacations and pay benefits I already provide for you, but here we go.
Ryuichi: Fuzzy woolen toe socks. They have little bunnies on them. You will enjoy them very much, if I am not mistaken ^^
Noriko: Two week's paid vacation for you and your family in Disney World... in *America*. I know you always wanted to go. I'm sure Saki-chan will thank me especially. Momi-chan will be truely jealous.
Eiri: On a last minute whim, I bought you a new laptop. However before the need for this came up, I bought you a very inventive little machine that creates homemade hot chocolate using water and a mix of cream, sugar, cocoa, and a few other mysterious ingridients. All you do is pour in the stuff and it comes out perfectly. It also sprinkles bits of fine swedish milk chocolate on top and there is the option of whipped cream. Oooh, I almost kept it. Now stop drinking so much beer and use this! I mean it.
Suguru: For my dearest cousin I have bought a new hat. It lights up, has a big poofy on top, and says across it, "I AM The Best". I will truely get you plenty of fan attention on the streets! And it's warm. I was surprised I found something that so clearly screamed "SUGURU FUJISAKI".
Shindo-san: Purple hair dye. I REALLY think this would look good on you. And a scarf - it is very expensive, hand made and imported from Russia, please do not wear it while building snowmen. Anyway, it is both pink AND purple. Now your hair can match it either way.
Nakano-san: Swiss chocolates. Nobody can resist their imported, silky flavour.
Mr. K: I was thinking of some sort of new gun; however, I have no taste when it comes to choosing weapons and surely would have picked something bad or embaressing. Therefore, I have purchased a new leather trenchcoat; surely you will look quite intimidatng and *very* sexy to all your admirers, I am sure. ^^
Sakano-san: I bought a very interesting book for you titled "Baby Steps". The woman in the store said perhaps it would help you emerge from your shell. I am not quite sure you have much of a shell, perhaps you will enjoy reading it anyway and if you honestly hate it I put the receipt in the front page so you can go purchase something else. Just nothing tasteless like porn, please.
Maiko: For my dearest assistant Miss Shindo, I have also purchased something from the bookstore, a gift certificate. However unlike Sakano-san this may be used on tasteless things like porn. [ I have never forgotten your closet "yaoi" hobby, my dear! ]
Tatsuha: Last but not least is my brother in law. I have bought something for you that I will not say here as it is a surprise and when you come to pick it up I would like to see the look on your face. You might even want to hurt me! Hopefully not, because I went to a lot of trouble to prepare this gift for you and if you say even one word against it I swear I will come to your house and...

well you must accept it. Perhaps it will teach you responsiblity and to stop being a brat and give you something else to worry over other than what new thing you shall use when fornicating my fellow band member.

That is all, everyone. Feel free to stop by anytime to take your gift home. I thought of sending them out by mail, but decided I would force you all to visit me, because otherwise no one else would visit their boss on Christmas. n_n

I must say I feel warm, bubbly, and very, very smart.

Current Mood: creative

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Wednesday, November 20th, 2002
11:13 pm
I apologize for not writing in my journal as of late. I have been focusing most of my energy into these last few concerts.

However, today went very well. Ryuichi-san surprised me by singing Happy Birthday in English during the concert. He is very sweet... One might think I'd be used to it, but I don't think we've ever had a performance on my birthday before. It was very lovely. I appreciate all the cards and well wishes my friends and fans sent.

I do wish I could see my son though. It's a bit sad. He doesn't get to be with his father on his father's birthday... sigh.

Our finale is coming up, in Tokyo. I hope it all goes well. I've been worried about some things, and some people lately. Hopefully it will all clear up by December....

Current Mood: content

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Thursday, November 7th, 2002
10:48 pm
Oh, my.

Ryuichi-san, I assume you authorized them to make this Sakuma Ryuichi Thong just so Tatsuha-san could purchase and wear it, hmm? ^^

Only trying to lighten the mood, Ryu-chan. Would you like me to get rid of the media for you? I understand they have been troubling you. We all know the feeling...

So here is a big internet hug, unless you want to come over tomorrow for a real one.


Tatsuha-san may have one if he likes. *rolls eyes*

Current Mood: anxious

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Saturday, November 2nd, 2002
1:47 am

Here's Lady Fuzzette coming to get you!
Picture devloping is something I should do more often... I find rare beauties like this in the collection sometimes ^_^

Current Mood: bouncy

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Friday, November 1st, 2002
9:04 pm
Happy Halloween! n_n
I don't know who this man is but,

He dresses like Eiri-kun!

And he is very handsome ^_^

Last night was my son's first real western holiday. He was sitting on the floor and Lady Fuzzette was pawing at him. I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween. He didn't answer, so I asked him again. He said, "wabblegoob", so I dressed him up like a small J-rocker. I doubted any of the neighbors were celebrating this holiday, not to mention they are about three miles away at the end of my property, so I decided to take him to the mall and arm him with a small bag and we could walk to each store, where we could buy something and put it in the bag. It's almost the same as in America, where the small children go door to door begging for food. Well, the Seguchi family does not beg. I like my version of Halloween better.

I was about to leave when Mika came into the room and screamed a bloodcurdling scream. Then she continued to scream about why I should never put white face makeup all over Momi-chan's face or paint his nails black or let him wear fishnet or put mascara and eyeliner on or dye his hair red or anything to do with leather. Well. Excuse me. He looked simply adorable. He could have fit right in with Malice Mizer or Dir en Grey. Apparently Mika had other plans. We finally left. I dressed up like a demon because it's out of character. Nobody thinks of me as a demon! n_n

...He was a cowboy in plaid.

I will never, ever tell him about this. Too tramatizing. Nor did I end up parading him around the mall. We drove around and eventually found a parade, which surprised me. He was mesmorized, pointing at everything for about an hour and asking me what it was [that's what "blaggleboo" means, IMHO], falling asleep against my chest in the end.

I think his first halloween was a success, except for the cowboy thing. In any case, I had fun.

By the way, my mood icon is "horny" because my costume had "horns". Do you get it? n_n Hahahaha.

Current Mood: horny

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Thursday, October 31st, 2002
6:02 pm


Current Mood: amused

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Thursday, October 24th, 2002
8:15 pm
Oh dear.
Well the concerts have been proceeding well.

I was looking through my emails and one was from Mika. She informed me that Tatsuha-san was going to be in not only a magazine advert, but a television commercial.

What the ...?

Since when does my brother in law do public advertising?

I'm afraid. I have no idea what this is about, either.

Current Mood: indifferent

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Sunday, October 20th, 2002
9:07 am
Just woke up.


With Fujisaki-kun in my arms.

Then I woke up for real, drenched in sweat and gasping for air. No, I won't go into the extent of the terrible dream I had, but this is the last time I sleep over at Fujisaki-kun's while he's on pain medication and I am nervous about a concert.

I am dragging the boy to the concert tonight, whether he likes it or not. And he WILL use his crutches. And stand. The entire concert. I don't care if he wants to sit down. And if he messes up, I swear I'll fire him.

Am I taking my bitterness during the past few days out on the boy who caused it all?


Oh god. Now he's dancing to Vanilla.

Down he goes.

Well, if he hasn't broken anything else, I'll see all of you at the concert tonight. Be there two hours early. Christ. How unorganized.

Current Mood: blah

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Friday, October 18th, 2002
10:28 pm
Well, it appears my favourite three people have decided to start posting about their daily lives again.

ask_no_ma_kun, kenchan_of_ask, and ask_obsessed.

At least they all have pride in their band!

I can't wait to get back on tour and away from this creep.
[I mean my cousin.]

Current Mood: annoyed

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Thursday, October 17th, 2002
10:35 pm
After forcing him to take many painkiller drugs, I suddenly found myself with Fujisaki-kun latched onto my back and making odd motions with his hips. Then he tried to kiss me.

I knocked him out, put him to sleep and went home.

Sometimes, I worry about that boy.

I think he needs a boyfriend. That he's not related to.

Current Mood: determined

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